Getting to know Beverly Acfalle.

My name is Beverly Ann Acfalle. Like most people I take an awesome sense of joy and, yes pride in the things I have worked hard for. They say, nothing worthwhile is ever easy but they also say, once you find the job you love you never work a day in your life! I have discovered they are both true! I am a mother of a 17 year old girl who is driven, self confident and for lack of better terms a mover and shaker. She has made incredible positive changes in our community in her young years. All that “go getter” she has in her also comes with a great deal of sass! I also have a son. This boy just wants to eat and play football. Though that seems easy, well it’s not. I’d like to know more of what he thinks in order to help him through his life. Make it easier, more efficient. Have him learn from my wisdom. Some say it’s the hardest job in the world. I love it! It’s difficult and takes clever and experienced maneuvering to be sure but that’s because there is so much on the line and mistakes can be disastrous. But I consider myself to be a great mother because there is absolutely no room for failure. I do best always, no matter what. I’m not trying to compare being a realtor to motherhood..exactly.. But I really am! I love my job! Being a realtor is just like that! There is no room for failure, my clients count on me not to do just a good job… but the best job! What I do directly affects not just my clients time, money, quality of life, emotions but their families as well! It is an awesome privilege to sell a home for a client, to purchase a new home for a client. I take it as seriously as one could. The importance of every sale I do and the people I work hard for is never lost upon me. I wouldn’t trust another person to do what I do because I will always do what is right for my client. No one will work harder with more integrity and diligence and no one will ever be as fearless or as aggressive as I will be to get what my client deserves. And I love it!!

Spoken Languages: English