Getting to know Cynthia Hung.

A UC graduate with a focus in Business Marketing & Communication.
A young entrepreneur that played a significant role in closing 128 transactions from March of 2018 to 2020.
A passionate realtor with hands-on experience in remodeling, building, and designing since the age of 8.
A creative individual who loves spending free time creating designs or discussing life experiences, theories and universal topics with others.

In so many words, I can tell you some of my accolades and describe who I think I am, but let’s be honest, until you meet me, you won’t really know. Instead, I will tell you what makes me outstanding at what I do:

I believe in Hard Work.

Having been raised by a single mother of three, I can say I truly know the definition of strength, perseverance, and hard work. Without even knowing it, this quality had been ingrained in me since childhood. In all aspects of my life, I always work extensively in doing the absolute best job I can with completing whatever task is at hand. An agent must work diligently to not only ensure the successful closing of a transaction, but to listen to their clients, identify problems, and work hard to help alleviate the issues of the seller & buyer.

I value Honesty, Integrity & Communication.

I think that we can all agree that honesty is key to a healthy relationship. Real estate is no exception. Unfortunately, not every bit of information you hear will be positive. Too often, agents try to hide the bad news in order to appease their client simply to avoid transaction issues and make their commission. I believe it is imperative to disclose any and all information pertinent to a transaction regardless of how difficult it may be to swallow. No one likes hidden fees and surprises. As an agent, I promise to fully disclose transaction details in order for my clients to make a well-informed decision.

I live to help. (And I love to help!)

Understanding people has always been my passion. More specifically, I strive to identify and understand problems so that I may assist in providing the best solution. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to better their quality of life and I love to be a part of helping people grow and live a happier life. Nothing is more satisfying to me than surpassing my clients’ expectations and seeing the smiles at the end of a transaction!

Who I am as a person is for you to decide.
Why I am an exceptional agent is for me to prove.

Spoken Languages: English, 中文 (Chinese), 普通话 (Mandarin)

What Cynthia's Clients are Saying.