Getting to know Jissel Parker

Meet Jissel Parker, a dedicated real estate agent with a unique background and a strong commitment to community service. Since 2016, Jissel has been making waves in the real estate industry, helping clients navigate the housing market with expertise, compassion, and a genuine understanding of their needs.

Before obtaining her real estate license, Jissel Parker served as a certified Board and Care Administrator for the elderly, managing a Home for the Elderly. This experience sets her apart from other real estate agents, as she brings a deep understanding of the unique needs and considerations of seniors looking to sell their homes. Her ability to connect with and support seniors in the real estate process is unparalleled.

Jissel specializes in the Simi Valley area, where she has not only built her career but also spent her formative years. Her intimate knowledge of the community allows her to provide clients with valuable insights and personalized guidance. Additionally, she extends her expertise to selling Single-Family Residences (SFR) in the Conejo Valley area.

One of Jissel's key strengths is her commitment to open communication. When working with clients, she prioritizes understanding their budget and needs. Through thorough discussions and budget assessments, Jissel ensures that her clients are well-informed and confident in their property search. She collaborates closely with lenders to streamline the process, providing a seamless experience for her clients.

Beyond her role in real estate, Jissel Parker is deeply involved in community service. She volunteers her time with food charities, demonstrating her dedication to helping those in need. Additionally, she is an active member of her home Church and serves on the Board of the local Baseball league. Jissel's commitment to community involvement reflects her belief in giving back and building strong, supportive neighborhoods.

In her spare time, Jissel is a devoted parent, actively participating in her children's sports activities such as Baseball and Football. Family is at the center of her life, and she cherishes moments spent with loved ones and close friends. Known for being a social and outgoing individual, Jissel and her family frequently engage in various events and activities, creating a vibrant and connected community around them.

Jissel Parker's passion for real estate, coupled with her compassionate approach and community-focused mindset, make her a standout choice for anyone seeking a trustworthy and dedicated partner in their real estate journey. Whether you're a senior looking to downsize, a family searching for the perfect home, or anyone in between, Jissel is ready to make your real estate dreams a reality.

Spoken Languages: English