Getting to know Julia Dart

Julia is a seasoned Realtor® who gained her experience working for a boutique real estate firm in Europe, where she had lived for over 20 years. Julia grew up in a military family and is used to moving around the world. Changing homes is something she has done a lot; that is what helped her acquire a set of skills necessary for smooth relocations. She knows how to quickly adjust to a new environment, including finding a comfortable place to live. Whether you are moving within a city, state, across the country or coming from abroad, Julia will be happy to share with you her successful home searching, buying, and selling tips.
Buying and selling a home is a team effort. Julia’s team is all in, from trustworthy lenders and home inspectors – to building contractors and relocation/moving companies.
If you are looking for a reliable local partner, make an appointment with Julia today!

Spoken Languages: English, Русский язык (Russian), polski (Polish)