Getting to know Laura Menendez Derflingher.

Laura is currently a top choice in Real Estate and Auctions in Orange County California and some international markets. As a Wealthier America Advocate, Laura has built an impeccable reputation in the community, not only for her professional trajectory, but for her volunteering and her innovative ideas to improve services. With a background as a scientist, and her natural ability for finances, it is no surprise that being an international business entrepreneur, her programs for clients are innovative and ahead of the market.
Credit: Women Making a Difference in Orange County, Pioneering Leadership Awards
Always practical and straight to the point, she has helped numerous clients selling or acquiring luxury properties, commercial, residential, income properties, and distressed real estate transactions including; debt forgiveness, foreclosure avoidance, trust sales, divorce, and probates.
She's always believed that being ahead of the curve is the key for a wealthier America.
Laura has an impressive education; originally a physician, she made the tough decision to switch careers and raise her family. However, she continued to develop in other areas as a researcher and college professor, getting a second degree, and quickly becoming a leader among peers and students in the areas of Science, Technology and Humanities. Laura actively participated in Peer Coaching. She was awarded faculty of the year at the RSCCD 2011 Distinguished Faculty Awards.
As an advocate in the community, she has been awarded by the American Heart Association, by the US Senate, and as one of the ‘Women making a difference in Orange County” by the US Congress, and other local organizations.
Laura Menendez has developed & adapted curricula to fit injured vets and workers, and holds United States Credentials, licenses , and additional Masters Degree in Professional Leadership.
Her extensive experience in Real Estate, Data analysis, Research, Leadership, and Professional Studies has made her an instrumental team player that provides continued expertise in the implementation, operation, evaluation, and innovation in every situation. Laura is a firm believer that 100% transparency and full commitment to each client are the way to lasting success.
Credit: Orange County Register, Women Making a Difference in Orange County, Pioneering Leadership Awards

Spoken Languages: English, español (Spanish)

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