Getting to know Sarina Browndorf

Sarina Browndorf is a dedicated realtor who is deeply committed to serving clients with integrity and a personalized approach. Not your typical real estate agent, Sarina was educated in law at the University of Cologne, which brings a unique depth of knowledge to the table when navigating the often-complex legal aspects of real estate transactions.
Prior to becoming a realtor, Sarina served in corporate business development, a role that honed skills in negotiation, strategic planning, and relationship building. These skills, coupled with a robust understanding of market trends enable Sarina to help clients make sound and strategic real estate decisions.
In addition to legal and business acumen, Sarina has a proven track record in leading career workshops, bringing a nuanced understanding of people's aspirations and challenges.
This experience has deepened her insight into the diverse needs of clients, allowing for personalized service that exceeds expectations.

Spoken Languages: English, Deutsch (German), Русский язык (Russian)