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Harcourts North America
April 18, 2022

BEVERLY HILLS, CA. (April 18, 2022) -- Harcourts Beverly Hills partner, Glen Coutinho, commits to a lifetime with Harcourts by getting the thriving real estate company's logo tattooed across his forearm.

There has never been any question about Glen Coutinho's commitment to Harcourts. He has over thirty years of real estate experience, was a major force for the business in Australia, and is an owner and Corporate Director of Growth and Training for Harcourt's Pacific Region in the US. However, inking the Harcourts logo onto his forearm was a step many of his colleagues could not have anticipated. "There are very few moments that I am speechless." Ben Brady, CEO of Harcourts North America, said, "However this was one of them." 

Brooke Coutinho, Glen's daughter and partner, had mixed feelings about the tattoo. "When I first heard he was getting it, I was completely shocked. I thought he was losing his mind." But in the end, she understood what was behind his thinking, "While tattoos are not my favorite, the tattoo honestly reflects his commitment and dedication. If there's one thing about my dad, it's that he's always consistent and committed. Harcourts is his foundation here in the US, and he truly believes in our values and culture. And also that he's not trying to fit in and be like everyone else. He lives his life not caring about what other people think and being the unique individual he is!" 

For Glen Coutinho, this was another way to bleed blue. "I did it because I feel strongly about Harcourts, and I'm Blue Blood all the way." Glen is notoriously passionate about this brand, which he has done so much for over the years. Already driving a Mini Cooper emblazoned with Harcourts logos, it should come as no surprise Coutinho was willing to do this. "It's a sign of my absolute commitment to the cause, and I got a great response from my staff and our clients, as they know I'm here to stay."

Harcourts Beverly Hills is a premier full-service real estate agency specializing in residential sales. They provide a caliber of service and a level of results that go beyond and stand above traditional real estate companies. Wholly focused on people and their community, Harcourts Beverly Hills continually strives to build better relationships with clients from past, present, and future.