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Harcourts North America
February 15, 2023

CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA (FEBRUARY 15, 2023) -- Harcourts North America, known for its one-of-a-kind luxury auction platform and for being the fastest growing real estate agency in the world with over 1,100 offices in 12 countries, is expanding its grip on the Los Angeles real estate market with the opening of its new Century City office.


Harcourts Beverly Hills super-agents Glen and his daughter, Brooke Coutinho, and power couple Laily Boutaleb and Ari Eskandari are heading up this new upscale office. Connected initially five years ago when Boutaleb served as the Coutinho family’s immigration lawyer, the friendship of these four developed into a group that is primed and ready to forever change the real estate landscape in Los Angeles. 


Though the Coutinhos are known for being top agents at Harcourts (Glen is impressively approaching 40 years in the business), Laily and Ari are no strangers to the real estate market. Though Boutaleb’s passion has always been practicing law (she runs LBE Law Firm, specializing in immigration and other legal needs), her introduction, love for real estate, and path to becoming a licensed real estate broker came while spending six years working for the private equity firm The Bascom Group, specializing in multifamily units. Meanwhile, her husband Ari, has amassed three decades of experience building and developing residential and commercial properties while also holding his contractor’s state license. Together, these four will bring a unique experience and expertise that is truly unmatched in Los Angeles. 


“It made sense to combine our strengths into one team,” Glen Coutinho, partner of Harcourts Beverly Hills, beamed when asked about the new partnership. “They (Boutaleb and Eskandari) specialize in legal and property development, while we specialize in property sales. So, under the Harcourts umbrella, the four of us can grow and offer our clients options in development, legal, immigration, and general sales. We are a one-stop shop.”


As Ari and Laily began considering diving into real estate as a team, they became inspired by the Coutinho’s. Laily noted, “Seeing their dedication, drive, and humanity and family values was the driving force for us to find partners that share the same values and drive as we do.” Serendipitously, at this same time, a budding need for a new office in Century City in 2023 arose with an increase in clients relocating there from Beverly Hills. Bringing their own expertise, and understanding the values of the Harcourts brand, Ari and Laily fit the mold perfectly for the partnership. “Joining forces with Glen and Brooke,” Laily continued, “and mixing our backgrounds just seems like a unique, beautiful venture, and we are beyond excited to grow together.” 


Harcourts Beverly Hills and Harcourts Century City are premier full-service real estate agencies specializing in residential sales. They provide a caliber of service and results that go beyond and stand above traditional real estate companies. Wholly focused on people and their community, Harcourts Beverly Hills and Harcourts Century City continually strive to build better relationships with clients from the past, present, and future.