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Selling Your Home Through Harcourts Auctions Is Brilliant!

Harcourts North America
November 10, 2021

You have finally decided to put your home on the market, but you are unsure what the best course of action is with all the different sale options available in this day and age. Why settle for something lackluster when you can achieve something brilliant? If you’re looking for the most stress-free situation while trying to sell your home and obtain the best possible price for your property, look no further. Harcourts Auctions is the innovative personalized process you have been waiting for that provides total transparency while offering a course of action you can trust with complete confidence. During their auction process, the seller is in control and dictates the terms of the sale.


It is a big decision to sell your home, and Harcourts Auctions wants the process to be as seamless and straightforward as possible to ensure you have an easygoing experience during this time. The Harcourts Auctions platform has numerous advantages that help achieve outstanding results for their clients while generating the best possible price for their homes on the market. 


Complete Transparency


When your home is up for auction, the sellers will provide the buyers with everything they need to know about the property ahead of time. With full disclosure and an open house taking place before the auction, the process is entirely transparent. The seller witnesses all the offers that start to pour in, which guarantees them the best possible price on the table. This situation eliminates unwanted surprises making the property transaction much more stress-free.


Reserve Price


When you sell your property with Harcourts Auctions, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will have a reserve price in place on the day of the sale. This pre-determined number is put in place to protect you from having to accept any dollar amount less money than you are comfortable receiving for your property. A reserve price is a number that you, the seller, will never disclose to the buyers. By establishing this number, you can feel confident that the only accepted offers will be those over your bottom line. 


Starting Bid Price


The reserve price is understood, and it is typically the lowest figure a seller is willing to accept for their home, and if any bids come in below this price, the seller will eliminate them from contention. With the starting bid price being lower than the expected sale price, more eyes will be on your property, as the lower price opens the home up to those individuals searching in that particular price range. At no point is the seller obligated to sell the property. Even if the reserve price is met or exceeded, Harcourts Auctions wants to ensure the seller feels confident with their decision of the dollar amount that they will receive after executing the sale.


No Buyer Premium


Typically, most real estate auction companies charge multiple fees on the sale of a property: the dollar amount that won the auction, as well as a buyer premium. This number can usually range anywhere between three and twenty percent. But Harcourts Auctions believes this does a disservice to the buyer and the seller, and therefore, does not charge one. Charging a buyer premium lowers a potential buyer's budget, as they now have to include that fee when calculating how much they are willing to spend on a home. And in turn, this directly impacts seller who is all but guaranteed to now receive less. Not only does the pool of potential buyers shrink, as this home will be outside of some’s budgets, but the end sale price will be lower than would the seller could have received elsewhere. 


Buyers Expectations


In the Harcourts Auctions setting, buyers will be able to see how close they are to obtaining the home on the market in real-time, which will usually increase their bids to win the property. The auction creates a sense of urgency which will bring buyers to the point of a decision. This desperation is good news for the seller because buyers can get emotional and make a more significant offer on the home. Any opportunity for the seller to make more money on their property than their original figure is a win-win situation.


Closing Date Is Set


Another benefit of using Harcourts Auctions is the opportunity to have a set sale date on auction day. Unlike a traditional listing where your property can remain stagnant as time drags on, the set date communicates to buyers that you are motivated to sell and forces them to decide on purchasing your home. The set date also allows the individual to find the market value quicker, encouraging the buyer to make an offer for fear of missing out.


Harcourts Auctions is fully committed to ensuring you achieve the highest value possible for your home on the most accessible terms available. There are no insane added costs like many other agencies attach to their auction process. Once auction day rolls around, your stress levels will be nonexistent as you sit back and watch all the hard work and marketing knowledge of the professionals at Harcourts Auctions culminate into the sale of your beloved property. Once this event takes place, you’ll understand why there is only one word that can summarize this feeling of success, which is “brilliant.”